Northern Pike Package

Welcome to Lakeland Disposal & Recycling!

Congratulations! You have chosen a local, hardworking and dependable business to handle your solid waste and recycling needs. We are excited to offer you personable customer service.

You have chosen our

which includes:

  • Commercial garbage and recycling pick-up once weekly
  • Free 96 gallon garbage cart
  • Easy to read billing with no surcharges or hidden fees

    For Lakeland Disposal & Recycling to provide you with safe and convenient service please follow these directions for your trash containers.
    1. No trash outside the container will be accepted. Please call our office in advance if there are items outside the container you would like us to take.
    2. No hazardous waste, chemicals, hot ashes, concrete, demolition debris or yard waste is accepted.
    3. Our drivers need a clear path around the container(s)s to safely dump into the waste truck each week.
      Please do not park in front of the containers.
    4. Please keep the container(s) free from snow and ice. We can not service you if we cannot reach the container.
    5. Please notify us right away if any damage or fire has occurred to the container(s).

    6. All recyclables including tin, aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper can all be bagged. 2 30 gallon bags of recycling will be accepted each week. If you have more recycling we offer a separate recycling service day. Cardboard must be broken down.

      Let's talk trash! If you have any questions or concerns please call our office at 715-358-8500 or visit our website for more information . In the future you may have need of the other services we offer. We would be happy to discuss the options with you too!

      Thank you for choosing Lakeland Disposal & Recycling we are

      Working Hard to Keep the Northwoods Beautiful!