Dollar Stays Local with Lakeland Disposal (Lakeland Times Article)

Lakeland Disposal and Recycling is the area's newest waste disposal and recycling collection business. Co-owned by Chad Metzger and Brad Schillinger, the business is off to an encouraging start.

Starting out with eight stops on their first day in March, accounts have more than quadrupled and stops in a single day can be upwards of 100.

"We've had a lot of support," Metzger said. "It was truly a blessing to see the support come along."

Metzger has worked in the industry for 22 years and Schillinger has owned Custom Caretaking and Landscaping for 17 years. Metzger said when the opportunity for the partnership came along, the decision wasn't difficult because both partners share a love of the Lakeland area as well as a commitment to service.

"We're a service-based company," Metzger said. "When a person opens their bill, they shouldn't have to call someone to figure out the bill. When someone tells you they're going to be there, they need to be there. It's a simple business model."

Currently, Metzger is the only driver but the business is expected to grow in the coming months and years. The business has already increased from a pickup truck and trailer to a garbage truck and roll-off truck.

The service area currently extends from to Manitowish Waters to Lac du Flambeau to Eagle River to Harshaw. Days start as early as six in the morning and last until all stops have been completed.

"What is key is relationships, relationships, relationships," Metzger said. "Everything you do, how you treat people, it all comes back around."

One aspect Metzger and Schillinger stress are their ties to the Lakeland community. Both are longtime residents of the area and one of their business goals is keeping Lakeland dollars local.

"I'm a fifth-generation (Northwoods resident) and that goes a long ways in a small town," Schillinger said. "We're both longtime residents of the Minocqua, Woodruff, Arbor Vitae area. I'm real real stuck on small town and I try to buy everything locally. I don't care if it has to go through a middleman - that person needs to eat, too."

"Absolutely," Metzger said. "You start pushing the dollar away from this community - let's say you use another waste disposal service - that dollar leaves this community."

"A dollar for Lakeland Disposal and Recycling," Sandi Metzger said, "is a dollar for the Campanile Center because our son takes guitar lessons there. Another dollar for Lakeland Disposal and Recycling goes to Minocqua Dance because our daughters take ballet lessons there. A dollar for Lakeland Disposal and Recycling is a dollar for the Lakeland area."

"That's really huge for us," Schillinger said.

For a service quote from Lakeland Disposal and Recycling, call 715-358-8500 or email For more information, visit Lakeland Disposal and Recycling does not require service agreements.

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